Julia Elmore
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Welcome to my online home… a place to share with the wider world my visual expressions of that for which I cannot find words. Through my art, I explore the deep feelings of calm and connection that I experience whilst out in nature. My woodland walks provide a wealth of inspiration and it is my intention to bring something of the magic and mystery of the natural world to my art. I lay down layers of paint whilst standing at the kitchen table studio overlooking my garden, revisiting the works over a period of days or weeks, adding layer after layer until I capture the feeling that I am aiming to describe in paint. To learn more about my practice and process, you can read my journal here.

As a beautiful balance to my own art making, I support other artists to further their creative practice and connect with others over art. If you would like support on your own creative journey, please get in touch here


For me, art is all about connection…
my connection with nature and with others
and a connection to myself.


exhibitions and events

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